Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I just wanted to share this hilarious story with you.

Jacqueline Briggs is one of our very talented designers, she is always going a hundred miles an hour, is full of energy, is always smiling, and about to explode with wonderful ideas.

Well this afternoon her and a friend went into Anchorage, and scored some amazing deals at Michaels & JoAnn's. She stopped by the store on her way home, (and was full of it, as she always is) to share her beautiful treasures with me.

As she is leaving, we are both talking at once, and she says to me "I hope the bluebird of happiness poops on your head too"!

I laughed and laughed, that was the funniest, most random expression I have ever heard.

Well if that is what makes her so happy, that little bluebird is welcome around the store anytime!